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Five Steps to Credit Restoration with The Credit Fix Chick, Dayna Marie

Dayna Marie is a wife, a mom and a glam-ma. She has over 20 years of experience in finance and banking. With an MBA...

How Fear Plays A Part In Your Confidence

Knowing how to build your confidence and taking the actions to build your confidence are two totally different things. When it comes to taking...

Empowered by: Kiya Tomlin

Ready to be motivated? Kicking off I'm Loving Me's blog, we are excited to introduced two new blog series - Empowered and Inspired. We're...

Tips From a Former IRS Agent: What To Know About a Business Audit

Tammie Mann. Investigative Number Guru. 6 Year Career IRS Agent and 5 Year Career Government Forensic Accountant. With extensive accounting experience, Tammie M. Is equipped...

Inspired by: Lindsey Smith

Best known as the Food Mood Girl, Lindsey Smith is one of the most aspiring entrepreneurs and authors in the Pittsburgh area. Among her many books, Eat Your Feelings, Food Guilt No More, and Hear Me Roar are a few of her most popular. Determined to show women how to love themselves from the inside out, Lindsey's become the go-to girl for all things health and wellness.Doubling as a health guru and speaker, she's been keeping busy with her latest project The Wild Rose Collective which is hosting numerous events to benefit inner growth in women.