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We Are Woman- Hear Us Roar

Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on Friday, September 18, 2020. She was one of my heroes. Since her death, I’ve been thinking a lot about...

A Man Is Not A Plan

Repairing The Broken Heart Life After Trauma By Mira Cassidy Hey Girl! I understand that you want a man, however, a man is not a necessity. Our needs...

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Zipporah Monique

"Would you agree that we all want to live a life that is confident, purposeful, inspiring, flourishing, meaningful, loving, free from fear: a life where we can handle challenges that...

4 Things You Need To Know About Self Confidence

The journey to self-confidence took some time. I had to reconnect with myself and learn about who I was authentically. Over the years I...

Five Steps to Credit Restoration with The Credit Fix Chick, Dayna Marie

Dayna Marie is a wife, a mom and a glam-ma. She has over 20 years of experience in finance and banking. With an MBA...