Learning How To Love Yourself


Learning How To Love Yourself 3/ 3

When I was growing my confidence I realized I needed three things to help me, the first was self-respect, the second was self-trust, and the third was self-love. Let’s chat self-love! 

Self-love has been a buzz word lately, and to be honest I am glad it is! I can’t tell you enough good things about learning how to love yourself. 

Celebrate What You Do Love 


I always hated the question what do you do for fun … ugh, I used to have no idea! What do you mean fun? As we grow up for some reason we push fun low on our priority list. However, love tends to go with it. If this is the case for you it is time to get to know yourself again and become aware of the things you love in life. At first, this can be a tricky question, but once you really think about it you can come up with many ideas. 

The reason you want to decide what you love about life and about yourself is that you can then start to celebrate them. Participating in and celebrating the things you love in life help you create more love. It also helps you celebrate things you love even when you are in situations you don’t love. 

An example could be maybe you are at work and you sit in a cube you don’t love. But this morning you brewed yourself a beautiful cup of coffee and put it in your favorite mug. You turn on your computer and you have a background that makes you smile. You are wearing your favorite outfit and your hair is styled in your favorite way. You start to acknowledge all of these things, and suddenly you are in a great mood! Celebrating yourself and what you love leads to more love and confidence in your life. 

Acknowledge What You Don’t 

Okay, we are not perfect people there are probably things about your life or yourself that you don’t love. It is time to bring them to light. Next time you are looking in the mirror and you start to complain, ask yourself specifically what are you complaining about? Get very specific on the things in life that are negative. 

Awareness is a great step, once you are able to get very clear on what you don’t love it will be easier to shift your perspective. 

Accept What You Don’t Love 

The next step after awareness is acceptance. You do not have to go from hating something to loving something. Trying to force yourself to love something you don’t will just cause you more stress. Instead, focus on finding peace in accepting the things in your life that are not ideal. You cannot hate your way into change, but acceptance can help you change. 



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