The Confidence Leap


Sometimes we must reminiscence about the good ole days. You know, the days when you didn’t have the responsibilities of paying bills, taking care of children and being the top notch employee. All you had to do was be a kid, live out loud and let someone else take care of you. Be honest, don’t you miss those days?

I am the first to say yes. Remember, double dutch? When you had to count, rock back and forth before you decided when you were going to go in and start jumping to the rhythm of the rope turning. Life is the same way. There comes a time when instead of seeing things turning without you, it needs to start turning with you. Finding the confidence to believe you can jump in boldly to turn things in your favor can be exciting and scary, yet questionably electrifying all in one. 

Take a moment, reflect on something that you finally said I am going to do this no matter what and you did it. Wasn’t that life-changing, bold and a pat on the back at the same time moment? If you have the confidence to believe in that one thing, why not have the confidence to live your life out loud, bold, brave and better in all things you do?

Confidence in a nutshell is believing in yourself no matter what is in front of you. I encourage as you move through your life and continue to build your confidence daily by taking leaps. You know without a doubt you got you. 


Have you ever seen the net not appear when you leaped? The net is always there. Trust the confident you!



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