Vikkie J: Pivot To Purpose


For some, discovering their purpose comes easily. However, for the majority of us, the process of discovery isn’t linear, and it evolves and morphs over time.

If you can relate to this, allow Vikkie J’s journey to inspire you along the way.

Hampton Roads, Virginia native, Vikkie J is a Certified Life Coach, Personal Organizer, and Podcast Host that inspires her clients and listeners to live their best lives, while embracing all that life brings.

Her conversational approach cultivates a safe zone with no judgment, which makes the most difficult conversations seem welcoming. She attained a B.S. in Exercise Science from Virginia Commonwealth University and a doctorate in physical therapy from Howard University. Her podcast, Talking with Vikkie J, is available on all major podcasting platforms, including Google Podcasts, Spotify, Public Radio, and Anchor FM.


What do you see when you look in the mirror?

When I look in the mirror I see a black female in her mid-30s who is finally starting to walk in her purpose. I see a woman who is learning each day to promote self-love and being unapologetically me. I frequently ask God to help me view myself as He sees me.

What do you do for a living?

I’m a physical therapist, currently working in a regional hospital setting near my hometown of Gloucester, Va. I am also an entrepreneur, I recently launched Life Happens Personal Coaching & Organizing, LLC. My desire is to be able to transition into entrepreneurship full time.

What has your journey in your career been like for you?

CHALLENGING, would be the one word I would use, to sum up my journey as a physical therapist. I graduated from Howard University in December 2012 with a doctorate degree, however, I didn’t start practicing as a physical therapist until April 2015. Why? I sat for the licensing exam 5 times before receiving a passing score. The journey didn’t stop there, once I passed, by the time I started working in a hospital in Southern Maryland, I had not delivered patient care in over 2 years. I was a novice, to say the least, and struggled with confidence in my skills and in myself. However this journey has also helped me realize that PT is not my passion, but people are. I really enjoy encouraging people, and that’s how I came about becoming a life coach.

How do you think self-love plays a role in success?

It plays a big role. For me, because I have struggled with self-love it affected almost every area of my life, but mostly within my career. Because I lacked complete self-love, I lacked confidence at work. I would often second guess myself while doubting my skills which translated to others as “she’s easily flustered” or “she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Please believe others can feel your energy, especially when you work in the healthcare field.

How is sisterhood connected to your journey?

Sisterhood or my sister friends, as I like to call them, have been a constant throughout my journey. I met some of my closest friends at VCU. My sister friends have kept me accountable, have encouraged me, prayed for me, and been amazing role models. They have also taught me the power of effective communication. We don’t always agree, but we respect one another to honor each other’s wishes, values, and morals.

Have you had any adversities that you’ve had to overcome in order to achieve success?

Yes! My first semester of PT school was very challenging. I had three deaths in my family, that were unexpected, and a significant relationship break up (I was engaged). I felt distracted, to say the least, but thank God for family and friends who held me accountable, though it always left me feeling like I was trying to “catch up” with everyone else. While my classmates were going to the library to study together, I was boarding planes to attend funerals. Like I mentioned earlier, I sat for boards five times, taking me almost three years to pass. During this time, I was unable to work within my field of study as a therapist. Monetary was a stressful thought for me. I remember I took a job at a local outpatient clinic as a receptionist how I loathed that job! I think because I knew there was more for me, and I wanted more for myself.

What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?

Launching my own business.

What inspires you to keep growing?

My purpose. The people who I’m assigned to help in this life whether it’s through life coaching, personal organizing, or by conversations on my podcast inspire me to keep growing and going. I ultimately just want to be pleasing to my Heavenly Father.



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