12 Tips to De-Stress and Love Yourself Guide


Coach Nnenna’s 12 Tips to De-Stress and Love Yourself Guide

A certified Holistic Wellness Coach out of Chicago with a passion for helping women achieve balance, wholeness and strive to be the best version of themselves, Nnenna Animashaun, is an online coach offering recipes, resources and recently launched a product line “For the Love of Self-care.” 

After feeing overworked and stressed, Nnenna took the holistic and wellness route to better her life. She has since created a self-nurturing and self-loving environment from the inside out. She knew that others might be experiencing the same challenges and she wanted to help them get out of their rut! She then birthed Divinely Seeded Wellness!

Her Anniman Home brand is an extension of holistic wellness, helping people create comfortable and safe spaces at home environments for optimal performance. This is has been critical during the pandemic, as people have transformed their homes into offices and schools. 


Just in time for the second half of the year, here are Coach Nnenna’s 12 Tips to Destress and LOVE YOURSELF Guide!! It’s never too soon (or too late) to take care of YOU!

Self-care is not frivolous; it’s absolutely essential to an incredible life. When you fill your cup first, you can give to others authentically and deeply. Use these tools and start noticing the miracles that appear in your life.

1. JOURNALING: Spend 5–15 minutes every morning freewriting what’s on your mind and setting an intention for the day. This will inspire creativity, boost memory, help with achieving goals and more.

2. MORNING MEDITATION: Start with one minute of gratitude and build your way up. You might love it, and you’ll likely feel massive shifts in your outlook, attitude, mood and overall approach to life.

3. ALIGNED EXERCISE: Find exercise that’s truly enjoyable, invigorating, and relaxing for you. Practice regularly, if not every day. But get moving at least 3x/week for 30 mins.

4. MASSAGE: Ask your partner or a friend to give you a shoulder massage or make an appointment with your favorite masseuse. Massage helps release toxins, increase blood flow, reduce fatigue, anxiety and more.

5. BATH: Take a hot bath a few times a week to pamper yourself and engage the relaxation response in your nervous system.

6. HOT TOWEL SCRUB: Fill your sink with hot water, dip a washcloth in, wring it out, and scrub your body firmly in gentle circles. Always make circles toward your heart and go lightly near sensitive areas.

7. DRY BRUSHING: Using a natural bristle brush, start at your feet and brush dry skin in quick upward motions. This greatly improves circulation and drains lymphatic fluid (the root of water retention).

8. OIL MASSAGE: Before you shower, massage your entire body with coconut oil to protect your skin from the drying and draining effects of hot water.

9. PAMPERING: Schedule manicures, pedicures, hair appointments, facials, or whatever primping activities you like to partake in for the next six months – you’ll feel like a new woman (or man).

10. SKINCARE ROUTINE: Whether you do a three-step process or just wash day and night, a skincare regimen is essential to maintaining and improving the condition of your skin. From preventing wrinkles to showing off that “glow” everyone wants, tools like vitamin C serum and rose quartz rollers can help.

11. CLOSET PURGING: Invite a friend over and go through your closet and drawers together. Throw away the things that you haven’t worn in the past year and/or that don’t make you feel fantastic. You should open your closet to clothes that make you feel amazing. (Yes, this includes undergarments!)

12. ENJOY A CUP OF TEA: If you can’t do ANYTHING else, enjoy a cup of warm water or tea with lemon for 5 minutes. This will do wonders to detoxify the body, and help with digestion and congestion.



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