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Four lessons I learned from forgiving my father

Nobody is perfect - it’s a cliché we all know, and in our strongest moments, we remember this and let go of the grudges...

L.E.A.P. Confidence Coach Ellie Curry

Founder of Own Your You. Own Your You was founded with the mission to help women learn how to love themselves. Founded by Ellie...

Learning How To Love Yourself

Learning How To Love Yourself 3/ 3 When I was growing my confidence I realized I needed three things to help me, the first was...

Inspired by: Mary Jean Marquez

"Being born into severe poverty, surviving sexual abuse as a child, living in a dangerous toxic home environment, abandoned by family members…suffice to...

Educating Women of Wall Street: Which IPOs are coming up on Wall Street?

Introduction:If you are into the world of investing, you know what an IPO, or Initial Public Offering, is. IPOs are the initial public offerings...