Shifting Negative Emotions & Situations To Learning Opportunities


I used to be terrified to fail. I was scared of my negative emotions, I was afraid of messing up, being embarrassed, and any type of struggle that existed. I thought that I had to be perfect to be confident. However, all this led to was exhaustion. It was exhausting to live my life in battle with myself. 

Acknowledge The Negative 

I needed to learn how to shift my perspective, because negative thoughts, emotions, and experiences are apart of life. It was very freeing the day I decided that 50% of the time I would experience positive emotions and 50% of the time I would experience negative emotions. I no longer felt like there was something wrong with me if I was experiencing negative emotions. I released the expectations and I found freedom. 

Shift Your Perspective 


After I started to release the unrealistic expectations I was able to start shifting my perspective. I needed to look at negative things as learning opportunities. This came about in three ways, my mindset, my emotions, and my life experiences. 


When I started to shift my perspective, I needed to look at my negative thoughts are learning opportunities to grow. Shifting your mindset is a key to growing your confidence. Now, whenever I think negative thoughts I pause and become curious about them. I challenge myself to dive into where the thoughts might be coming from. I then shift into figuring out how to release them. Then I work towards changing my negative thoughts into supportive thoughts. 


Emotions are a tough subject for me. I am still learning how to navigate my emotions. Sometimes they feel so intense that they overwhelm me. However, I am using these emotions as a growing opportunity also! Instead of trying to escape negative emotions, I ask myself why I am experiencing them. I also make them okay. For so long I wouldn’t want to feel negative emotions, so I would fight against them. Now I make it okay that I am experiencing something negative. This takes the pressure off of trying to change. 

Life Experiences

The last place I practice this is with my life experiences. Life experiences happen. When negative life experiences happen I use it as an opportunity to practice how I am going to show up. How I show up in a situation I have control over. When I don’t show up at my best, I use it as a learning experience for the next time. Why didn’t I show up as my best self? How am I able to next time? What do I need to learn about myself now, so I can show up more authentically next time? 

Practice Your New Mindset 

Once you start to shift your perspective, it is about practicing. It is about continuing to get curious when something negative occurs. If you view your life as ways to grow, it helps you always stay in a state of growth. 




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