Separating Yourself From Competitors


Let’s tackle a question every entrepreneur asks themselves when starting up their brand or business. The question: How can you separate yourself from your competition? Good news! The answer is simple!

I’m gonna start with a story. A while back one of my mentees had reached out to me feeling really frustrated. Basically, someone in the same industry as her wasn’t just doing “similar” things, this person was literally copying her. My mentee would post something, and suddenly this other person has the EXACT same thing going on. Same idea, similar titling, branding, website layouts. It was…wild.

Anyway, my mentee eventually finished expressing her frustrations. I asked her if she knew why she had the success she had up to that point. I explained to her that it’s because people resonate with her. Because her life seems authentic and real. And that’s my whole point – AUTHENTICITY is literally the KEY to separating yourself from the competition. It has nothing to do with how you price your services or how your website looks. Of course, those things are important, but what will separate you from someone who’s doing exactly what you’re doing is being your true authentic self.  

So what does it actually mean to be authentic? Authenticity can be defined as different things. Essentially it’s actions that line up with what you believe, what your core values are, or what your true desires are no matter external pressure. Like no matter what is going on, you’re gonna let your true self shine through and be you, period. 


Have you ever heard of the term “Secret Sauce?” Authenticity is a key ingredient in your “Secret Sauce.” We’re using Secret Sauce in this context as something that separates you from someone else. Using myself as an example, I would say that my Secret Sauce is my work ethic. No one can outwork me. There are other consultants who may have more experience than me, other consultants who may charge less than me (They’re definitely charging less, chile. She gon’ get her coins!)

The important thing – discover and understand what separates YOU! Are you walking the walk that you say you’re walking? What’s YOUR Secret Sauce? Think about it. What is so special about working with you? Once you know what makes you so great, write it down! Jotting it down is going to remind you that first of all, you are unique and valuable! Second of all, it’ll help you pitch yourself to other clients and employers. You can confidently tell them THIS is what separates you from the competition. THIS is what they are getting by working with you. So, that’s it! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! 

Until next time! 

xo Kendra 


Kendra Y. Hill is a native San Antonian who has lived all over the world, from Washington DC to Cali to Mexico and Toronto. Her professional background includes the U.S. House of Representatives, UNCF, Google and the San Antonio Spurs.  She has also produced international television.

An entrepreneur for over a decade, Kendra has a unique approach that can help any business large or small. Her specialties include organizational leadership, digital media, brand development, HR and talent acquisition, system automations, team-building, strategic management diversity, equity and inclusion and faith-based entrepreneurship.

Kendra has been a consultant for 10 years, working regularly with over 100 entrepreneurs big and small to help them achieve their goals.

All that experience helped her reinvent and revolutionize the traditional business consultant model. In 2020 she has founded a consulting company – Kendra, Scale My Business – that assists creators and million-dollar businesses scale and grow in revenue, brand visibility, and number of clients. The company recently reached a million-dollar revenue goal in less than seven months of business.



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