The Woman In The Mirror: Tips to Apply Self-Love Into Your Daily Routine


Who do you see when you look at the woman in the mirror?

What does she most need?

What has she lacked?

Many times we forsake the woman in the mirror because we are too busy living our lives based on the lives of others. We sacrifice our needs to meet the wants and desires of others but  in return we receive nothing. Everyday we show up in the world carrying so many hats we often forget where we are. We are nurtures, counselors, superheroes, and all things in one for others but we never look back at the woman in the mirror. Do you ever realize she needs what you give out to others? The same love, cheer and support we give to others she needs but nobody pays attention, not even her.


I guarantee you many of us can say, I forgot about her. I was busy doing this and that I forgot who needed me the most. Oftentimes she gets pushed to the back because everyone feels she is fine. She doesn’t need help, love or how are you doing? She doesn’t need anything, she is always a helping hand, has a smile on her face and always available to be someone’s rescue. In reality she is the one who needs the most.  

Here is a secret I need to reveal to you: When you always pour into others, your cup is empty. How can you feed others if you are hungry? If you want to be positively productive, start taking care of the woman in the mirror. Many of us allow guilt to set in when we set boundaries, do self care or steal away quiet moments but in order to be effective you must give all things to you first and then everyone else will get the overflow. 

Here are some steps to put her first:

Set the tone of your day. Each morning you should have some type of routine. Let’s call it “Me Time.” This is your uninterrupted time where nobody can interfere with you. Design it how you like and tell those around you about it so they can respect this space.

For example, here is my daily routine: I get up at 5:45am and start with gratitude, prayer, meditation and exercise. This allows me to be grateful for my journey, have quiet moments and get my body moving, a great stress reliever. This is self-love before the demands of the world show up. 

Assign your day. Don’t overwhelm yourself with many tasks even if you are known for being a multitasker. I do 3 things each day. Once I finish, if I feel like doing more I will and if not, I won’t. Overextending yourself is exhaustion at its finest. You become mentally drained, physically intoxicated and emotionally overloaded. Work at your pace you will get more done.

Detox, Detach & Detox. Set hours during your day where you are not disturbed. Everything at 5:00 stops for me. What I don’t finish within that day, I will pick up the next day. Next, pick a day of the week and follow the same rules but it’s for the whole day. Sundays are my days (I love them) where I am totally unavailable. Turn off the phone, no social media, not working just sitting with me, myself and I with haagen dazen ice cream looking at reality shows! OMG, my 2 guilty pleasures. 

If you execute these little ‘Love Taps’ in your life I guarantee you will fill her up and everyone else gets a more happier you. Take care of the woman in the mirror, she is the one who has been with you from the beginning and will be standing with you in the end. Whoever needs you will have to wait until you take care of her first. Trust me they will wait. 



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