How To Live Your Most Authentic Life


Life is a precious gift, but how we decide to care for the gift is our choice. Every day we can live reactively to the things we experience, or we can choose to live boldly through our lens of worth, value, and authenticity. 

Visionary Creator, Canadian Playwright, and Author, Trey Anthony shares her thoughts on loving yourself unapologetically. 

As a black girl in love with herself, I realize that living your most authentic self is a continuous journey, not a destination. In my book, I talk about women feeling that at a certain age, they should have achieved certain milestones, such as children, marriage, or a prestigious career. When you are committed to living an authentic life, you realize that you must permit yourself to reinvent yourself, let go of societal expectations, and do the inner work to truly find out what you want in your life. Things that I have found that helped me and the clients that I worked with are. 

To help you live your most authentic life, she’s shared five great tips that she uses to increase self-care and embrace the journey toward self-love. 

  1. Sis, make your rest a priority. Try to get at least seven to eight hours of sleep per night. There is nothing wrong with going to bed at 9 pm! Try each month to add an extra thirty minutes of sleep to your schedule. 
  1. Exercise. Move your body. Commit to a 30-minute walk every day. Hike, bike, do yoga, but get out there every day! Your body will thank you.
  1. Indulge in radical self-care weekly. Take a long bath, book a massage, plan a weekend getaway, sit by a lake, go to the beach, and buy flowers. Do something just for you-by yourself! 
  1. Affirm your goodness every day to yourself in the mirror. Speak kindly to yourself. Be gentle with yourself. Some of my favorite affirmations include, “I love and appreciate you.” “You are doing an amazing job!” “All is well and in divine and perfect order.” “Everything is always working out for me!”
  1. Mediate. Benefits of meditation include reducing stress, depression, anxiety, and enhances self-awareness. Download a free app to get started. One of my favorites is the Calm app. 

In her craft, Trey uses the unique blend of comedy, theater, motivational talk, and her own life experiences to inspire and lift others. 

She is a professional speaker, lifestyle coach, producer, author, and award-winning playwright, but she’s also “your girl” who tells it how it is. Through art, humor, and the power of a clear message, she’s here to give Black women the no-nonsense tools to take control of their lives and thrive! Trey’s upcoming book, Black Girl In Love (with Herself), releases January 2021.



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