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5 Takeaways From Our Discussion With A Rape Crisis Counselor

Robert Uttaro is currently in his 12th year as a rape crisis counselor and community educator. Inspired by his undergraduate studies in Criminal Justice,...

Pastor Who Advocated Spousal Rape Quits Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Days after a video surfaced of a controversial sermon during which Bronx pastor Dr. Burnett L. Robinson seemed to advocate for spousal rape, the...

From Foster Care to the Director’s Chair

Charell Star is the Director of Content and Innovation at Essence Global, an online journalist at ThatStarLife.com and AKC.TV, and a  contributor + featured lifestyle, tech, and fashion expert...

Empowering Adolescent Girls to Prevent Sexual Exploitation: A Form of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking has become the topic of much discussion, and yet the question as to what is considered human trafficking is a prevalent one....

How To Live Your Most Authentic Life

Life is a precious gift, but how we decide to care for the gift is our choice. Every day we can live reactively to...